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How To Protect Your Plants From Summer Heat – 4 Easy Tips

It’s hot! And when it’s hot, you may notice your plants starting to wilt, wither, and become damaged by excessive heat and sun. How can you prevent this? Here are a few simple tips you can use to protect your garden and your plants from the summer heat.   Water Your Plants In The MorningWatering plants in the morning when it’s cool and there isn’t as much direct sun ensures that the water can soak into the soil properly, and penetrate deeply into the roots of your plants.In contrast, watering at the hottest part of the day will result in excessive evaporation – which wastes water and can prevent your plants from getting the water they need.   Apply A...

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How To Grow Giant Pumpkins!

Welcome to another episode of Soil King and the giant pumpkin patch. I mean, come on! We love junior farmers and we produce and give seeds to all the kids in the area. Even far and beyond. And we teach them how to grow giant pumpkins. So, this is a great educational class right here on how to do it. You're going to follow this series. This is going to be exciting series. At the end of the year at the Soil King Garden Center. Every year we have the giant "pumpking" competition. So, the winner of that contest, we have an adult class and a junior class. The winner of that class gets a $1,000, which is pretty neat....

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