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When Should I Start My Fall Garden? (Earlier Than You May Think!)

When Should I Start My Fall Garden? (Earlier Than You May Think!)

Spring and summer are not the only seasons when you can get delicious harvests from your garden. As anyone with a “green thumb” will tell you, fall gardens bring along amazing abundance in squash, beans, and many other plants. But when should you start your fall garden? Find out now.


You Need To Plant Your Fall Garden By Mid-Summer In Most Climate Zones

In most cases, you need to have your fall garden planted by mid-summer – meaning late July or early August in most areas of the US that have four seasons. However, you may be able to plant as late as September in some parts of the American South, like Georgia, where temperatures stay warmer later into the year.

This probably seems quite early, but there is a good reason for this – you need to harvest your plants before the first killing frost of fall and winter. When the temperature is below freezing for an extended period of time, most garden crops will die.

Your goal with a fall garden is to have your harvest come in before this killing frost, which can happen as early as late September or early October in some areas. By planting up to 2 months in advance, you can harvest your crops far before the ground begins to freeze.

If you plant too late, the plants may not fully grow before they can be harvested, and they may freeze before you can make the most of your garden. And if you plant too early, your crops may struggle to grow properly due to prolonged high temperatures during late summer – it’s a bit of a “Goldilocks problem” – you want to plant at just the right time.


You’ll Have More Time To Harvest Your Fall Garden Crops Due To The Cool Weather

If you plan ahead and plant properly in the middle of the summer, you’re sure to get high-quality crops that will last you for quite a while.

One great thing about planting crops like broccoli, kale, cabbage, and carrots is that the cool weather of fall acts like a giant refrigerator – even after reaching maturity, the cold of late autumn will let them live for months after they mature, so you can keep harvesting your crops until late into the fall, or even early in the winter, in some cases.


Get What You Need For Your Fall Garden – Or Next Spring – At The Soil King!

The Soil King has everything you need to plant fall garden crops – and even if it’s too late for you to start a fall garden, we also can ensure you have the supplies you need when it’s time to plant again in the springtime. Shop online or find a supplier near you!

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