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How To Grow Giant Pumpkins!

Welcome to another episode of Soil King and the giant pumpkin patch. I mean, come on!

We love junior farmers and we produce and give seeds to all the kids in the area. Even far and beyond. And we teach them how to grow giant pumpkins. So, this is a great educational class right here on how to do it. You're going to follow this series. This is going to be exciting series. At the end of the year at the Soil King Garden Center. Every year we have the giant "pumpking" competition. So, the winner of that contest, we have an adult class and a junior class. The winner of that class gets a $1,000, which is pretty neat.

So, this year, we're going to have a crane out here and we're going to raise the crane up with a pumpkin on it. Release it. It's going to hit the ground smash. And we're going to give all the kids little baggies. We're going to say, go collect the seeds. We're to give them a dollar per seed that they collect. So, it's a really fun family atmosphere. If you have never seen or participated in growing giant pumpkins, it is the most addicting cultivation you're ever going to have experience. And if you do it in a family atmosphere with your children, your children, and he is so excited because you can actually see the pumpkins growing every day. Visually, you see it every day. They consume a lot of water. They need a lot of love and a lot of passion. But the results are like overwhelming gratitude. And to bring your family dynamic together, there's just nothing better. That's what it's about.

So, let's get started. I'll explain a little bit. We have a pumpkin over here on this mound. One pumpkin and I'll grow a vine all the way down to the other mound over on the other side. And on the, and on the other side, you'll see another pumpkin that's going to grow this way in a vine. So all have two vines coming, hopefully with two or three giant pumpkins. It's very difficult to get a pumpkin to the end of the year without an imploding, cracking or something tragic happen. I've have had rats eat holes right through it. So, it's a, it's a, it's a, I mean, it's not, it's frickin fun. Like, just watch the season and live and learn. You're going to love it.

So, let's get back to the reason why I'm here today. Planning a second pumpkin on one of the mounts. Come on over here. So this is my issue I'm having right now. This pumpkin was from a seed that was a world record. It was a two thousand, I think, thirty nine or twenty nine pound. I can't remember offhand, massive pumpkin. And you always got to give it love and really watch the growth and see what's happening. Here, I noticed on this vine, if you could see in here, it's got it twisted in it. That twist would most likely create a split on either side. And it will restrict the amount of fluids, nutrients, water and everything that'll go down the vine into the pumpkin plant.

So, I'm nervous about this one. So, I'm going to plant a second one next to it and kind of watch them both. Which is a good opportunity for you, our viewer, to see what the Soil King does and how it Soil King plants a tomato plant, the giant pumpkin. So let's get busy with that.

Always barefoot. So I'm a soil guy and I love it. In the last video, you've seen how we made our ingredients up with our top dress with Mr. B's Green Trees, Azospirillum and worm castings, vermacompost from TerraThrive, which is TerraVesco.

And this was what we made. The concoction right here. This is my little secret recipe that I'm sharing with the world.

We have two pumpkins here to choose from. This one, we give a lot of these away. So, this one was a out of a nineteen-hundred eleven pound pumpkin right here. This one came out, this one was a seventeen-hundred and thirty-one, McConley. A massive pumpkin.

I'm trying to figure out which one, it's hard to decide. You know, you never know. When you could see kids, so we, I always grow these and I give away for the junior farmers. But these are the last two that are left over. So, I would say I'm going to pick. We're going to pick this one. This one's ready to go.

You can see the root mass that's all around it. The roots are actually starting to go in, which is not a good thing, root bound. I'll dig my whole, I'm going to dig it next to this one so they can share the same water because I'm not sure which ones I'm going to keep as a producer yet.

But you guys can help me select that through the process. When you come back and watch more episodes. So I'll grab a,I'll grab a handful of my secret ingredients, which you guys all know now. I'll mix it in there. I grabbed the pumpkin. I don't like the route to be in root bound, so I always pull the roots out. You want the roots growing out, you don't want them to continue growing in at this point, you want them to start growing out. It's OK if you break if you break a few, you want to get that root mass going out. See, now how the roots are hanging? They're ready to start going in a different area.

Then I like to touch this all around the root. Drop it in the hole. Kind of look at which way the vine is going to grow. You want to direct that vine. You want to train that vine to go in a direction.

So, there we have it. Nice aeration soil. We'll give this one away to a junior farmer this afternoon, and Joe, can you hand me the water?

I mean, and that's how easy it is. And hopefully I'll win the giant pumpkin competition this year and hopefully you'll all be here to help watch. Three years ago I won it. I haven't won it in the last couple of years. People come from all over the country. With that, people show up with massive pumpkins in the back of pickup trucks we've unloaded. It's a really fun time.

You're going, if you're not in California and you can't come visit us during that time, you're going to see it on video. So, you're still going to be part of the entire product.

And there you have it, planting giant pumpkins with a Soil King one-on-one. I'll see you on the next episode. Hit the subscribe button and stay tuned for the giant pumpkin patch.

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