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Worm Castings Vs. Compost – Which Is Better?

Looking to maximize the health of your garden or landscaping? Wondering if you should use compost or worm castings? In this guide from The Soil King, we’ll take a look at worm castings vs. compost, and help you understand more about each one, and which product may be right for your garden.   What Are Worm Castings? Worm castings are also known as “vermicast” or “vermicompost.” Worm castings are the byproduct of the decomposition process of various worms. In other words, they’re worm poop. When worms eat vegetable matter, they excrete nutrient-rich waste that contains lots of water-soluble nutrients, and has very low levels of contaminants. Worm castings also have a high concentration of “humus,” a spongy carbon-based substance that...

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What’s The Difference Between Garden Soil And Topsoil?

Do you think that topsoil and garden soil are the same thing? Wondering what you should use for your garden – or for a home improvement project like changing your landscaping? In this guide from The Soil King, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the difference between these two types of soil.   Topsoil Is The Uppermost Layer Of Soil – It’s An All-Purpose Soil “Topsoil” is the uppermost layer of soil that’s found in the ground – and in the landscaping industry, this refers to earth that’s excavated from the ground, and is sent through a special screening process to remove debris (concrete, roots, rocks, etc.) and to create a consistent texture. It’s sometimes just called “fill...

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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Tomatoes In Containers

If you’re going to be growing tomatoes in containers this spring and summer, you’ll definitely want to avoid these 5 common mistakes to ensure your tomatoes grow to be healthy, beautiful, and delicious. Read on, and learn everything you need to know! 1. Growing Tomatoes In Pots That Are Too Small First, make sure that you choose containers that are large enough for your tomatoes. They need plenty of room to spread out their roots and grow, unlike herbs and some other plants. Larger pots also can hold more soil and water, which ensures proper growth for your tomatoes. When in doubt, always choose a bigger pot or planter! 2. Over-Watering (Or Under-Watering) Your Tomatoes You don’t want to give...

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