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What’s The Difference Between Garden Soil And Topsoil?

What’s The Difference Between Garden Soil And Topsoil?

Do you think that topsoil and garden soil are the same thing? Wondering what you should use for your garden – or for a home improvement project like changing your landscaping? In this guide from The Soil King, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the difference between these two types of soil.


Topsoil Is The Uppermost Layer Of Soil – It’s An All-Purpose Soil

“Topsoil” is the uppermost layer of soil that’s found in the ground – and in the landscaping industry, this refers to earth that’s excavated from the ground, and is sent through a special screening process to remove debris (concrete, roots, rocks, etc.) and to create a consistent texture.

It’s sometimes just called “fill dirt,” but that’s not quite accurate. Topsoil consists of mineral “dirt” as well as organic matter from leaves, grass, tree bark, weeds, and flowers. Over time, this matter decays into “humus,” a carbon-based material that’s full of nutrients and is ideal for plant growth.

However, topsoil is not typically enriched or enhanced with fertilizer or compost. It’s sort of a “base” soil – to which other fertilizers and additives can be added in order to alter it and prepare it for a variety of purposes. It’s quite inexpensive because of this, so it’s often used for landscaping.


Garden Soil Is Enriched To Provide Proper Nutrition For Plants

Garden soil mostly consists of topsoil. But this topsoil has been enriched and treated to create the ideal medium for plant growth – with the addition of compost, chemical fertilizers including nitrogen and potassium, or even worm castings and other ingredients.

There are lots of different types of garden soil. Some are enriched specifically for growing things like flowers and shrubs, while others have ingredients that encourage the proper growth of a specific type of plant – like tomatoes, for example.

If you’re planting a garden, garden soil will provide much better results than topsoil. You can purchase garden soil directly from The Soil King, which can be applied to and mixed directly with your existing soil to prepare it for new plantings.


Get The Soil You Need From The Soil King!

When it comes to soil, we’re the experts. It’s in our name, after all! So whether you need topsoil for a landscaping project, or you’re interested in high-quality garden soil to enhance your flowers, vegetables, fruit, and other plants, we’re here to help. Come to The Soil King now, or shop online, to get all the soil you need.


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