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How To Manicure Corn To Increase Yields

Welcome to another episode of Soil King. Yep, in the Victory Garden. On this episode, we’re going to teach you how to do a few things with cutting out the suckers and manicuring corn.

Come on in here, follow me, let me show you what we’re doing, come on! Just like a larger corn patch in a Victory Garden on a smaller scale, you can do a small scale. It’s the same concept that I’m teaching you, right now. The only difference is, is I have a little bit less distance from each row. There’s three rows inside this raised bed. I always like to plant two to three seeds at the same place. So the structure will grow up and it will help support itself. Sometimes when you get one, corn gets lanky, wants to fall over. So, I love to at least have two shoots coming up.

So, if we get in close here. You can see there’s two chutes right here. And it looks like four chutes that are coming out. This right here is a sucker. This is a sucker. So, all that’s going to do is sap the energy and shorten your corn.

Have you ever seen or tried to grow corn where they just didn’t get high in their producing following over in small corn? It’s because early on we didn’t take the energy suckers off. So, you need to take the suckers off and you just go down and he just cut them out. Just cut each of those suckers out there. And that’s what it is. That’s wasted energy for that plant.

Now, if I was to leave all this and not sucker the rest, these two seeds right here, these shoots will be the tallest. Because the energy is going to yield not to a wasted space. And then you just go through here and you can cut all these suckers out. You can see them all over.

And that’s how you plant corn and that’s how you… you can’t just stick a seed in the ground. You actually got to love, you know, get passion and just feel the vibe that these plants give you back. Take care of them and they take care of you. I mean, there’s no set, there’s no reason why you would spend all the energy, time and money on great Big Rootz soil or other soils and not be proud of the yields you get. Like, if you looked around the Victory Garden. This is my sanctuary. This is my pride. I love what I’m doing. And I take care of these plants because they take care of me.

So, thank you for tuning in to another episode of Soil King in The Victory Garden. How to prune corn 101. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and stay tuned for the next snip clip.

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