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Prepare Your Garden For A Successful Spring Season

Prepare Your Garden For A Successful Spring Season

Spring’s still a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some steps right now to prepare your garden!


Here are 5 steps for preparing your garden for a successful spring season:

  1. Get Rid of Weeds

    Weeds can sprout in cool weather too, and they can really do some damage to your garden. It’s much easier to remove them during the winter while the ground’s moister. If you wait until the soil dries for spring or even summer, you’ll have a harder time pulling them out.


  1. Inspect the Trees and Shrubs for Damage

    Winter can take a toll on the trees and shrubs in your garden. You should prune off any broken or damaged branches to ensure your trees and shrubs go in healthy in the spring.


  1. Remove Perennial Leaves

    If you haven’t managed to clean your garden of dead flowers or leaves that have fallen during autumn, don’t wait until spring comes around. Rake everything that’s fallen to ensure growth for the new season.


  1. Inspect the Soil

    Trees, shrubs, and other plants take their nutrients from the soil, so even if you take care of their water needs, it’s important to check the soil condition as well.

    Some of your plants may need a bit of fertilizer or a soil change to help them thrive in the spring. The Soil King has a lot of different options available to address the different nutritional needs of your plants.


  1. Prepare for Additional Maintenance

    A garden can require a lot more attention than just watering and sunlight. If you notice some of your plants just aren’t thriving, it may be a problem with your maintenance process.

    Note that plants can have different needs in terms of nutrients, so do a bit of research to make sure you’re giving your garden the best of the best! Additionally, factor in any changes you know are about to come, such as a longer trip you’ll take in the future. A week away may be too long to pause your garden maintenance, so make sure you bring in someone for help.


Over to You

If you have some problems helping your garden thrive, we at The Soil King can provide just what you need to ensure you have an award-winning garden right at home.

Check out locations all across the US to purchase our soil, order soil online, or give us a call at  707-894-3500 to find out how we can help.

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