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What To Plant In April In Northern California

What To Plant In April In Northern California

Spring's here, which means a lot of homeowners are getting ready to spice up their gardens and bring them to new heights. But as any gardener knows, the secrets to successful planting lies in knowing what kind of plants have the best shot of taking root in a particular time of year.

If you’re in the Northern California area, here are the best plants to consider to add to your garden this April.


What to Plant

Early in April presents the perfect opportunities to sow in the garden seeds of cool-season veggies, such as spinach, chard, or even carrots. Warm-season ones are best left later in the month, such as tomatoes, eggplants, corns, beans, and others.

If you want to plant some shrubs, April’s also the month to do it. California lilacs, Cotoneasters, Flannel Bushes, or Manzanitas are very popular choices for a mid-spring planting activity.

Once you make sure the chances of surprise frost pass and warmer temperatures are the norm, you can also start planting various types of citruses and even move on to summer seeds like Sunflowers, or Zinnias.

Remember to remove all weeds when preparing the beds for your veggies or ornamental flowers, and prepare the solid to accommodate the specific needs of the plant in question.


Taking Care of Your Crop

April’s the perfect time to start planting your crops and ornamental flowers, but it’s also the time when a lot of pests are making a comeback, especially slugs, earwigs, and snails. These pests are especially dangerous for young plants that have just been put into the bed. You can use a bait or monitor your plants closely to handpick these creatures as they try to munch on the leaves, ensuring your plants have a better chance of growing healthy.

Not all crawlies will damage your garden, however. Some of them can be quite beneficial to help you keep other pests in line, so make sure the pest-control solutions don't affect all life in your garden!


The Soil King Helps You Have a Successful Garden

Before you start your April planting activity, make sure you have the right soil to allow all your flowers and veggies to thrive! The Soil King is happy to help you navigate the task of choosing the right soil with expert support and guidance.

Shop online for Soil King's best garden soil, or reach out to us online to find out more about how we can help you.

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