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What Are The Best Flowers To Plant For Honey Bees?

What Are The Best Flowers To Plant For Honey Bees?

People usually do their best to avoid bees coming over to their gardens, but there are loads of amazing benefits to actually encouraging them to come over! Bees pollinate around a third of all crops and food supplies, not to mention the fact that without them, honey wouldn’t actually be a thing.

If you want to plant some honey bee-friendly plants to help these buzzing creatures to their jobs and get a wonderful garden in the meantime, there are the 6 best flowers that honey bees truly love.

  1. Lilacs

    Lilacs are beautiful and easy to manage plants that come in 7 different colors. Most of these shrubs grow at an eye level and fill the garden with a rather sweet fragrance that attracts pollinators like the honey bee, but expect to see some butterflies there as well!


  1. Lavender

    Lavender is an increasingly popular plant you can find anywhere, from garden to skincare and even your food! Bees also love lavender because it has a longer bloom time, given them sufficient opportunities to come and collect nectar - which they also have in spades.


  1. Catmint

    Catmint is a good alternative for lavender if you want to create a floral hedge, and is also quite easy to grow and maintain. While its flowers are small, Catmint has lots of them, so pollinators usually flock to this plant to collect its nectar.


  1. Sunflower

    The sunflower is one of the most beautiful plants a garden can have, recognizable to everyone on the planet. They can grow quite tall, and the large head contains a large amount of nectar and pollen bees and other pollinators simply cannot resist. Plus, humans can get some delicious seeds from the plants, apart from their visual appeal.


  1. Honeysuckle

    The sweet smell of the Honeysuckle is enough to make anyone crave a dessert, so bees can also be forgiven that they simply can’t resist its appeal.


  1. Willow

    Willows offer bees a great source of early nectar for the early bird bees that want a head start on the collecting process. Yes, Willows are known to grow to great sizes, but there are plenty of smaller species like the Salix cinerea that are more garden-friendly.


Buy Some High-Quality Soil

The honey bee-friendly plants need some good soil that will let them thrive, and that’s something The Soil King can help with. Contact us now or shop online.



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