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What is The Difference Between Baby Rootz and Big Roots?

What is The Difference Between Baby Rootz and Big Roots?



Hi, I’m Soil King. Welcome to our Victory Garden this year. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the difference between Baby Rootz and its big brother Big Rootz

All of Big Rootz design soils, we go through a two year beta test so we can get the design mix perfect. So when it gets to you, it’s a ready to grow soil. Big Rootz uses what’s called pumice stone, which is a hard stone piece of lava. The benefits of this is that all your biology uses as a condominium for microbial development. Yeah, they do their thing inside that pumice stone and it multiplies. The other benefit to pumice stone is that it’s a mineral content. So, as your biology slowly eats it away, it creates a mineral base that’s available for nutrient uptake for your plant.

In Baby Rootz we use perlite. Many, many small perlite. It’s a really soft blend and that perlites really important because your fresh roots that are really soft and tender, they don’t hit anything and stop the growth. It’s continuous right now expansion of your root development.

So, in most of our mix designs, you’ll never see perlite. I’m not a big fan of perlite but in a nursery atmosphere it’s acceptable to me. In a full season grow, pelite is not the source you want to use. Not the source you want to support. It actually floats up to the top, goes down into our watersheds and really pollutes our planet.

So, big brother, Big Rootz. For years we’ve been taken rockwell clones, you know, roots coming out of rockwell Baby Rootz. And we’ve been putting it in this and we’ve been popping and propagating seeds as well. But it has more of a fertilizer packed than in Baby Rootz. In fact, it’s got twice the fertilizer pack as its little brother Baby Rootz. And so sometimes the seeds, you see in struggle a little bit, though it works, we like the perfect blend. And this perfect blend when w’ere talking an annual plant. It never needs to have, you know, any kind of shortfall, any kind of rough start. It needs to grow to its potential immediately, has a short lifespan and has to get to its potential to produce the yields that we’re looking for.

In all of our soil designs, I seek out only the best inputs that I can find around the world to make the best product to give to you. We don’t use greenways compost. We, you know, everything we use is top shelf. It is proof in the pot, no doubt about it. All my soils, including Baby Rootz and Big Rootz, have all been tested for heavy metals, pesticides, GMO and other contaminants.

When buying soil for me and the Soil King family, you can be assured that we have sourced the best inputs from around the world. We test the quality of all of our inputs, the consistency of all of our inputs, and we put the best mix design that we possibly can to the consumer, which is you. I take pride in what I do and I love to have this communication – community relationship with my users and consumers.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Please subscribe to our video channel. Let’s get the communication going back and forth. Send me questions and concerns and my team will answer him the best of our ability. Thank you for coming and watching another episode of The Soil King in the Victory Garden.

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