Trim Station- Fully Loaded

Trim Station- Fully Loaded

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The most efficient platform to process a grow. Trim Station is designed to increase trimming efficiency through ergonomic design resulting in greater yield. The Fully Loaded package is a next generation, all-in-one, trimming platform. The Stand has an adjustable neck allowing for multiple posture settings, while Bud Beam affixes to the Stands mounting tab and is a specially designed 5W LED light that floods the trim zone with brilliant illumination. Everything a trimmer needs is now at arms reach within a self contained unit. As soon as you rig it, you'll dig it. Designed by growers for growers, made in California, using recycled materials.

Herb-o-nomically correct.


1 Trim Station lap tray

1 Stand

1 Bud Beam

1 Starter Kit (1 Grease Ball, 1 Green Screen, 1 Band-It, 2 Swag Bags)

* Please note, wrist rest pads are no longer included as an accessory.