Tom Tumbler TTT-3000 Commerical System


Available Now!

Tom's newest and largest batch trimmer is now available!  The TTT 3000 Tumble Trimmer processes 100 lbs. per hour of dry flower per hour (depending on strain and dryness)! The Tumbler trims 15-17 lbs. per 3-5 minute cycle.   It works as gently and efficiently as all of our tumblers but has a bigger frame and drum for more capacity.  It also comes with a clear plastic dome dust cover for easy cleaning. (to be shipped separately)

The TTT 3000 has a larger frame made of powder-coated steel, larger tumbler drums (30") for larger capacity, heavy-duty motor, three mesh screens for trimming, separating and kief extraction.  Comes standard with the stainless steel funnel flow.