Resinator XL Model


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There are often undesirable compounds associated with traditional extraction methods. These undesirables include pigments such as anthocyanin, chlorophyll, tannins, saponins, and lipids from cellulosic materials. While other machines are busy catching undesired male pollen, our solventless extraction method extracts only the pure essence of female Resin (rosin) glands from your dried material. Sift undesired plant material, stems and particulates leaving only the desired micron rated trichomes to fall through our high quality monofilament screens.

Our solventless resin (rosin) extraction machine gives you higher and better quality CBD oil. Our TOR produces the finest grade resin for your CBD production. With our TOR’s, you don’t have left over residue from solvent extraction methods.

Best solventless extraction machine – speed up your CBD oil processing by 5 times using our TOR unit in tandem with your oil production machine.

Solventless extraction machine collection toward CBD oil extraction - one of the most efficient methods to create a high volume of resin in prep for oil extraction is with two machines working together. One machine, like our solventless TOR XL or OG, doing the pre processing resin extraction work so that your solventless, or hydrocarbon large volume, machines can be kept fed a steady supply of pre-extracted already-concentrated material. Your output speed is five times faster with this pre prep live resin method. This means your volume output is five times greater. Call us to explore how our TOR can speed up your CBD oil production.