Mykos Wetable Powder


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MYKOS is a fast-growing, beneficial fungus that increases nutrient and water uptake by forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots of a plant. MYKOS is needed to break down, cycle, and retain nutrients as well as provide a front line of defense against environmental stresses, pathogens, and diseases. MYKOS will continue to grow with your plants becoming an extension of the roots and administering better efficiency and sustainability. With a larger and healthier root system, plants are given the opportunity to increase crop yields and secondary metabolites.


Mykos Wettable Powder is refined to provide an effective inoculant that may be injected through a sprayer, applied in hydroponic reservoirs, and used as a seed or cloning treatment. It is a fast-growing, beneficial fungi that connects many of the beneficial microbes in soil and hydroponic media to host plants. This symbiotic relationship increases the supply of nutrients to plants, increasing the availability of both moisture and most of the fundamental elements required for plant growth. Mycorrhizae have been shown to increase the availability of nutrients and moisture required for plant growth, while improving soil structure. Greater nutrient availability leads to a bounty of healthier, bigger plants and crops.

  • Beneficial Microbes

  • Improves Root Structures

  • Increases Nutrient Uptake

  • Promotes Natural Biology

  • Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers

  • Designed for supplemental use in Hydroponics, Irrigation, and as a Root Drench for Established Plants