Azalea, Camellia Gardenia Food- 5-5-3- 4lbs


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E.B. Stone Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Food is formulated with a select blend of natural organic ingredients specifically for the needs of acid-loving plants. It will encourage growth, green foliage and beautiful flowers. It is also suited for use on other acid-loving plants including rhododendrons, fuchsia and evergreen conifers. Contains: Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Dried Chicken Manure, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Potassium Sulfate, Elemental Sulfur, Humic Acids and soil microbes including mycorrhizal fungi. Acid-loving plants like special soil. Use our Azalea, Camellia Gardenia Planting Mix for happy plants.