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Big Rootz


We’re not just a company that makes designer soil for growers, we’re the growers who build soil for growers. Formulated from the ground up in Northern California.

Certified Green Clean

We use only the finest ingredients. Every batch of Big Rootz is tested at the beginning, middle, and end of production to assure consistency. Try Big Rootz®, for a difference you can taste, smell and see.

Big Rootz soil has passed all prop 65, pesticide and non-GMO tests. Analytics are available upon request.

Emerald Cup 'Soil of the Year’

In 2015 the Emerald Cup named Big Rootz® ‘soil of the year’. Big Rootz® is currently used in many of northern California’s marijuana collectives and is outperforming its competitors. Big Rootz® has been a focal point in cannabis cultural media such as skunk magazine and is featured by MendoDope in their popular grow videos.

Big Rootz® is carefully formulated for professional growers, yet it’s so easy to use that even novice gardeners can achieve growing success. Use it for indoor grows or outdoor greenhouses, or add it to existing soil.

Big Rootz Bulk Soil Pricing*: $144.99/yard
Pay now and get priority on the delivery board! Applies to bulk yardage over 300 yards.
Contact for details.

We know you’ll love Big Rootz®. Once you try it, you won’t grow with anything else.

How is Big Rootz Soil Formulated?

Big Rootz is our all purpose soil blend and is considered a super soil; it has all the nutrients and inputs needed to allow the plant to maintain its healthiness throughout its vegetative life and into bloom. Our main blend was carefully designed with many years of beta testing, both indoor and out. Our soils always go through rigorous R&D prior to release.

Our top priority is to ensure any soil we design and produce is safe and clean. We have every batch tested for pesticide, heavy metals and GMO’s to ensure there are no inconsistencies in our product.

We also carefully select inputs from all over the world to ensure we meet our high quality standards. Pumice over perlite was an easy choice for an input in our blend. Perlite breaks down while losing its oxygen value, and it’s been proven to dangerously contaminate our local water sheds. Pumice, on the other hand acts as a mini condominium for microbial development and is much more resistant to breaking down. With proper care for the soil, Big Rootz can be used year after year making it not only the more cost effective option, but the more environmentally sustainable solution as well.

Three things are key when understanding your soil medium. Does it provide proper food, water, and oxygen to the plants. While most people find the first two simple enough, oxygen is one of the most important keys to good soil health and is often overlooked. In order for an annual plant to maximize its potential, it needs an abundance of oxygen which it intakes through the roots. Without proper aeration, your annuals will struggle to breath and never reach their full potential. Big Rootz allows for all three of those vital components to exist.

Soil King only selects the highest quality inputs for any mixed design. Our compost is sourced from only organic farms, and our worm casting provided by Tera Vesco, who are unrivaled at providing the highest quality worm castings and have the leading Verma Compost facility in the United States. These input ingredients allow for a large amount of biology count to activate the living soil along with an organic wetting agent to keep the optimal water levels consistent.

We take pride in putting on every bag that it was "Designed By Grower's For Grower's" and with decades of cultivation experience under our belts, we only strive for the best!


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