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GreenGro Pride Lands - Premium Organic Bloom Fertilizer - 10lb

GreenGro Pride Lands - Premium Organic Bloom Fertilizer - 10lb

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  • Increase Your Plant Yields - Bigger buds and flowers. Brighter plants. Supercharge your garden and plants with the nutrients they need during the bloom stage. Our industry-leading fertilizer is a premium blend of microbes, biochar, mycorrhiza, and dry amendments that boosts plant growth.
  • Revive Your Droopy Plants - Are your herbs growing too slowly or your house plents looking dull? Our bloom fertilizer has the right blend of NPK and micronutrients your plant needs to restore color and return to life.
  • Easy to Use - You can fertilize your indoor plants or garden in 15 minutes. Simply spread a thin layer of the fertilizer on top of your dirt to amend your soil. You can top dress your entire garden or focus on dull areas.
  • Fast Results - Within 48 hours you'll notice brighter colors and bigger blooms on your flowers, larger and juicier fruits from your vegetable plants, and deeper colors from your green plants.
  • Non-GMO & Sustainably Harvested Ingredients - Better for your plants, better for the environment. No harsh chemicals or cheap fillers like the big brand fertilizers. Better for your plants, environment, and you.
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