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King Kashi - Compost
King Kashi - Compost
King Kashi - Compost
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King Kashi - Compost

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King Kashi Compost is a living soil compost teeming with intelligent microorganisms.
This exceptional compost is ideal for top dressing to inoculate your existing soil, with an optimal mixing range of 2% to 10%, which you can easily integrate by hand scratching it into the top layer of your soil. King Kashi Compost is well-suited for various cultivation purposes, including indoor plant growth.
Soil King meticulously crafted and composted King Kashi Compost over a 24-month period, ensuring that the pile never exceeded 145°F to maintain the activity of EM bacteria without any heat damage. Soil King diligently sources and tests all inputs before creating his mix designs. Starting with 1,100 yards, the compost pile loses over 30% during the decomposition process.
  • Bio Active Compost PPM
  • pH: 6.9
  • Calcium: 165
  • Organic matter: 46.6%
  • Soluble salt: 454
  • Nitrates: 12
  • Ammonium: 2.24
  • Phosphate: 165
  • Potassium: 769
  • Magnesium: 93
  • Boron: 1.27
  • Copper: 0.21
  • Zinc: 0.15
  • Sulfates: 65
  • Chlorides: 176
  • Dry weight: 0.45
  • Total Fungi: 1,072.25
  • Total bacteria: 776 p/g
  • Total fungal to bacterial ratio: 1.38
  • Aerobic fungi to aerobic bacteria ratio: 0.51
  • Protozoa: 10,195
  • Flagellates: high
  • Amoebae: moderate
  • Ciliates: low
  • Nematodes: very low
  • E. coli: 0.00 (excellent!)
**Premium Ingredients:**
  • Bioactive nutrient-rich compost ingredients
  • Fermented EM1
  • Triple grind redwood
  • 3/8 minus redwood chip
  • Organic cow manure
  • TerraVesco Verma compost
  • Anasazi Gold 1/4 humates
  • Anasazi Gold Liquid Fulvic
  • Inoculated fermented EM1
Why Choose King Kashi Compost?
Every product created by Soil King undergoes rigorous beta testing, including indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor trials. Soil King's products are a trusted resource in the agricultural industry, known for their integrity.
Plant Benefits:
- Promotes robust plant growth
- Enriches soil structure
- Enhances water retention
Environmental Impact:
- Reduces waste
- Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
- Supports eco-friendly practices
Nature's Recycler:
- Contributes to a sustainable ecosystem by recycling organic matter.
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