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Why We Don’t Use Municipal Green Waste In Our Soil Composition

Why We Don’t Use Municipal Green Waste In Our Soil Composition

Welcome back to another episode of our Victory Garden with the Soil King. Today, we’re going to talk really quick on green waste municipality compost. 

For many years, I’ve been trying to find quality compost here in California and even Oregon and other places. I’m having the hardest time because I test the inputs. Like I test the compost. I want to know exactly what contaminants are in it, heavy metals. We’ve even gone as far as following sudden oak death spores. I mean, there’s a lot to talk about when we’re mixing our own designs.

What I can tell you right now is unfortunately anything with municipality green waste is riddled with contaminants. And so, as a soil producer and a compost provider, I can’t make a blend with that stuff. Consciously mix it with my design and sell it back to you. And as you take it to your property or we truck it into your property, I’m responsible for contaminating, you know, a beautiful piece of property that might be yours. And I don’t want that on my shoulders, I can’t sleep at night.

You know, we have to do better as an industry, as a human race on recycling. And it starts with us. The theory of recycling is great. The theory of municipality green waste is great. But we all know that glyphosate, the chemicals, the pharmaceuticals that get into your green cans, your garbage cans. You know, Caltrans – in California is Caltrans sprays the side of all the freeways. All that stuff is composted and ends up back at the dumps, which they call it municipality green waste and they compost these big windrows. And I’m here to tell you, I can’t find quality inputs that test. And I will not put that stuff in my mix designs and you will not see it go into your house, your farm or anywhere else. And I take pride in it. I wish others would follow. There’s a few others out there that really care, but not too many.

So hopefully these education isn’t blasting people, but it’s educating on what our next level of the human race needs to take it to in the next century. Anyways, short clip, Soil King bringing it to you in the Victory Garden. Thank you.

Subscribe, please, and more contents coming your way, I promise. I love you. We’re a family and have a good day.

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