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What Is The Difference Between Annual Vs Perennial Plants?

What Is The Difference Between Annual Vs Perennial Plants?

Welcome to another quick snip in the Victory Garden with me, the host, the Soil King.

On this episode, we’re going to talk really quick on the difference between an annual and a perennial. Lots of people are trying to figure out and come in and call us and say, what’s the difference between an annual and a perennial? And that’s a valid question.

The difference between an annual and a perennial. So, a perennial is a shrub, a bush, you know, things, berry bushes, trees that have a lifetime to grow. They have years and years, decades, decades, you know, centuries, hundreds of years to grow. Depending on the lifespan, what it’s expected to produce and live.

An annual is something that lives for a year or less. It’s a seasonal opportunist. It grows and has to produce as much as it possibly can in a short amount of lifespan. Most all of our vegetables, sunflower seeds, a lot of the flowers are you’ll see annual. And that annual means when you’re going to your plant nursery and you want to get some color in your front yard or your garden. If you see something that’s an annual, it means it’s only going to produce during that season. A perennial is something, a flower that will produce over and over and get bigger and gradually get bigger every year.

So, planting soil medians between an annual and a perennial. An annual flower or vegetable, it needs oxygen. It has to grow, it has to produce. If you want the most amount of flower content, the most amount of tomatoes, yields, peppers, eggplants or whatever you’re growing. It needs a soft material for the roots to expand and it needs proper oxygen. Oxygen is important with an annual. Proper water and a proper diet of fertilizer and mineral pack.

A perennial, a bush, you can grow more in a hardpan. Water it down and the roots got, they grow really slow and they don’t need all that oxygen to produce because they are, know that their life is going to be very long. And an annual it’s really short.

So, annual soft soil, you know, great soil, produce color, blows up, looks really good, produces bigger yield than a perennial will ever produce. But the perennial will produce more yield over time.

And I hope that explains enough on an annual versus a perennial. Keep coming back for more episodes on Soil King in the Victory Garden.

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