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What Components Make A Good Garden Soil?

What Components Make A Good Garden Soil?

Welcome to another episode of Soil King in the Victory Garden. Today, we’re going to talk about three things oxygen, food, source and water. 

So, the importance of growing an annual plant and the difference between a perennial and an annual. An annual is a lettuce, vegetables, things that only have a short amount of one-year lifespan or less and they die off in the winter usually.

A perennial is a tree or a shrub that keeps continuing growing for ever and ever and ever as long as it has a available source of something to keep it alive. So, when we’re talking an annual plant, the most important thing are three elements. And we always forget about the last one.

First one is proper diet. That means your fertilizer, mineral packs, things that the plant can grab immediately and make it available to grow and accelerate.

Two is a water. You have to have the right water. It has to have moisture, all right? It has to have moisture to grow. But it can have both of those, too. And if it doesn’t have the third one, your plant won’t produce or won’t grow, and you’ll end up in a lot of trouble wondering why isn’t it growing?

And the importance with an annual is oxygen. You have to have proper oxygen in the root source, the root. If you have a head of lettuce, your root source should be bigger than the head of the lettuce itself. And it has such a short amount of time and a short amount of lifespan. Only for a little bit of life it has to produce this massive root in order to push up the head of lettuce.

So, it needs those three elements, it’s really important. So proper diet, water and of course, oxygen. And that’s why Big Rootz soil or aeration soil, we really like to have the pumice stone in there because it allows microbial development and oxygen. We use coco coir, clean tested coco coir, peat moss, Terra Vesco worm castings. That’s a vermicompost – gives it a biology kick. It gives it all your beneficials that are just running wild in there. And then I have clean tested compost that I make every year and it only goes into our Soil King blends. And there’s a lot of other things that go into it, including passion and love. Oxygen is the one we can’t forget about.

So, if you like this episode, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and come back and watch us more. Let’s educate the world together. Thank you.

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