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Gardening has been in my blood since the age of three. My Father used to swing open the back door to our house, and I would take off running straight for the strawberry patch and sit and pick the juicy red strawberries he had grown. By the time I was 4 years old I had my very first garden. My own strawberry patch. There was something about the feeling of the soil, the smells of the plants and touching the plants, that mesmerized me! There was no turning back after that and from the age of 5 thru 8 when other kids were playing with Lego’s or cars, I was in the garden. People viewed me as a “different” kind of child, but I knew nothing different- choosing to follow my instincts on where my greatest childhood joy actually resided.

In hindsight, my childhood was actually a rough time. I came from a divorced family which led to a lot of hard times and uncomfortable feelings. Enter the Cannabis plant. When I was introduced to the cannabis plant at age 11, although I wasn’t a user of cannabis, I fell in love with the beauty of the plant. And who could resist the amazing smell of the budding flowers? What I wasn’t aware of is that I could be arrested for growing this simple beautiful tree.

There I was, in handcuffs at the age of 11 for growing this plant on a platform I had made in the Pine trees. ( Apparently my neighbors knew it was illegal, and weren’t as fond of the scents it produced as I ) I could not understand how society could let one plant grow and limit another. Nature and sunshine are essential elements of life and I was crushed when I watched my plant being destroyed as I was standing in those handcuffs. A rebel was born- In my mind, something had to be done to change this.

This rebellious nature in me led to homelessness at the age of 12 living with my cousin under abandoned houses and scrounging for food as best we could. As I think back to that time, I realize one thing- through all the trials and tribulations of my life there was one constant, one thing I could always count on for inner peace- anything that grows brings serenity to my life…..

Even though it was my passion, in the early 2000s I was building subdivisions and had my own building company and even started a development company called King Family Homes. But we cannot hide from ourselves, and slowly gardening started to re-surface for me. I began growing cannabis and vegetable gardens for charity and food programs. It was a hobby – until friends, seeing my success in making things grow, wanted in. They wanted what I had.

Soil King was born.

I made it my personal mission to help people receive and understand the growing industry and help them get the best dam compost they could get.

Although Soil King was off and running, Organics was (and still is) my passion. Trying to mimic mother nature is a grave task particularly when conventional fertilizers had and still have a hold on this industry.

I vowed to do my part in changing that.

Over the next ten years I was like a teacher filled with information that I wanted to share. I wanted everyone to experience what I was seeing and doing in this industry – yet while making my own design mixes and doing a fairly good job, I kept coming up with the same issues that other soil manufacturers were having. No consistency at all. Bucket mixing, and using a trammel just wasn’t cutting it! I also knew that with an annual plant, it needed as much air to the root zones as water. That was a major key! Typical mixes compact the air out too much.

My experience and knowledge in growing Cannabis plant assisted in my BIG ROOTZ design. Cannabis has a very short life span and needs to maximize its potential very quickly. After A LOT of trial and error, the design for the BIG ROOTZ blend was created!! Perfect CONSISTANT blends of 17 clean sourced fertilizers and minerals, peat moss, coir, ligna peat, pumice stone, small amounts of organic compost, worm casting and Mycorrhizae. Through beta testing and mutual design testing by growers for growers, the rest was history.

I can tell you I put my heart, soul, every drop of passion, and all of my years of knowledge into this blend and after a few seasons of grow trials, I released it. It has taken the cannabis community by storm. I am overwhelmed with joy by the amazing response I am getting from growers. I’m not a soil scientist, I do not have a PHD (although in spite of life’s circumstances- I did 4 years of college) I learned everything I know from being 100% hands on in the fields, experiencing high levels of gardening highs and lows. I am very teachable, open minded and always willing to learn which is what this industry is hungry for. Knowledge and growth. I am an activist fighting for this industry while possibly going to jail for it. This is the one point I will never understand. I refuse to hide and not show the world the medicinal aspects and miracles I have seen from this plant. So, I declare from here on out- THE OUTLAW DAYS ARE OVER!

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