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Preparing A Fall Vegetable Garden

Preparing A Fall Vegetable Garden

Welcome to Cultivating with the Soil King. We'll call this 102. Why 102? Because we are going to start with our fall vegetables.

This is the time of year right now for you to get busy in your victory garden in your raised bed or wherever you're at, planting your fall veggies. How do we do that, you might ask? First, if you started with Big Rootz soil, this is how we do it in our raised beds. Pull out all your luscious left-over plants from the season, get down deep, turn your soil over, you're going to want to turn the soil over good. If you have any beautiful sunflowers, you always leave those, but you want to mix everything up. The best thing about Big Rootz soil or any soil medium like it is that for an annual plant, it's nice and soft, so it allows the oxygen, you have to have three major elements in a good cultivation with annuals, and that's oxygen, food source, and water. So it's very important to have the oxygen, because when you have compacted soil, your plants just don't grow.

So with that being said, this is how I do it. Revamping our beds is the issue right now, so we don't want to replace the soil, that's why I don't use bottle nutrients and salty products, because then we just ruined all the biology because it turned to sodium, destroyed it, and you have to start completely over. No, we want to keep the soil going every year, better and better and better and better, adding more value, more biology. How do we do that? We start right here. Mr. B's Green Trees, this is 7-4-4 organic CDFA certified OMI. So what I like to do, easiest way to do this is to put it in a bucket, try to go down wind. Always a good idea, right? I don't need that much. I just like to mix it in a bucket, and I love to use some worm castings or something with a little bit of moisture content in it. So this right here is my favorite, which is TerraVesco Vermicompost, which is worm castings on steroids, all tested just like everything else we do. CDFA has all the certifications and the biology kick in here, just magnificent.

So I mix that in there, just to get the dust down. This is all I'm doing in this part of it. It's just adding a little layer of moisture to that, which keeps the dust down, then when I spread this out, it's not blowing everywhere, you're getting your mineral content and all your vitamins and minerals and everything, now all the good wholesome stuff that's in here. I like to really do it like a heavy, hot salt and pepper of a steak on a barbecue. Doesn't really need to be that much. And then I always like to add Big Rootz soil, 20% is the key, so up to 20% in new soil, that gives it the biology, it gives everything, it refreshes everything, gives it a nice start. So I'll just empty a few bags in here...that should be enough right there.

See how soft that is? That's the beauty of using a good soil medium, one that you can trust as well. Your plants are going to love that too, so think of you in a root, like today, we're going to grow Brussels sprouts, that Brussels sprouts going to grow big, but those roots, they have to move, like that's movable material right there, that's heaven for an annual plant.

So that's how you prep it for your fall vegetables and getting ready for your fall planting. Thank you for coming in and watching another episode of the Victory Garden at the Soil King. Stay tuned. You'll see us planting the garden next.

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