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How To Plant Brussel Sprouts In Your Fall Garden

How To Plant Brussel Sprouts In Your Fall Garden

Who likes Brussels sprouts? Well, today I'm going to show you how to plant Brussels sprouts in the Victory Garden at Soil King.

So we have Brussels sprouts planted in baby root seed a few weeks ago, I went ahead... Actually, it wasn't even a few weeks ago it was about, I think eight days, maybe nine days right now. I went ahead and dropped seeds right in baby roots, added water. This is what I like to do. I love Azospirillum. So this is a bacteria. Perfect for your roots. Remember, big roots already has all your mycorrhizae in it. Plenty of different types and different spores. Grab a few of these out. They're going to love their new home. So even with Brussels sprouts, I love to grow these fall vegetables, but even with Brussels sprouts, they grow tall. The typical distance is 18 to 24 inches between a Brussels sprout to a Brussels sprout and difference in spread. However, when you're doing raised beds, you don't always have that size, you don't have that, and you want to get as much possible yield as you possibly can in a small spot. So with that being said, I always go about 14 inches is kind of what I like, and as the leaves start coming over and crossing over each other, I just trim those off, so we're going to get more.

I'm going to get an extra plant in here than typical 18 to 24 inches and so this is how I do it. I grab a handful of TerraVesco, mix it in the soil right there, I just grab a pinch, that's all I do and put it right in there. Remember this Azospirillum has 200 times the propagation rate as Xtreme's Azos so you get such a bang for your money with this over Xtreme. That's it. I just put it right in there. Those roots are going to say, "Yee-haw." Right? I'm going to do three of them in here, and another handful TerraVesco Vermicompost, so a little bit of Azospirillum. Drop it in that one and do this one. You can't really use too much of this, so you're fine on that.

You can't use too much of either one of these products, Mr. B's Green Trees, you just want to use enough. You don't want to overdo that either. I mean and there it is. So there we have a Brussels sprout garden. These will come up. As you can see, we have multiple ones in here, and what I like to do with anything is I put multiple seeds in when I start it, I let and see which one's are going to be the sturdiest and the one that has the most strength coming out the gate, and then I trim back the ones that are weaker and we end up with one plant, and with that being said, thank you for tuning in. Come to, you could find all these products. Send me a message any time like we are better together. This is our culture, and there's no segregation in agriculture. Thank you.

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