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5 Water Retention Methods For Organic Growers

5 Water Retention Methods For Organic Growers

Water retention is the ability of soil to hold water and supply it to plants in your garden when it’s needed by your various vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other plants. Proper water retention is particularly important in otherwise dry, hot, sunny environments.

But how can you improve water retention if you’re an organic grower? What methods and techniques can you use? Here’s a brief overview of a few methods you can try yourself.


  1. Add Organic Matter Like Compost Or Worm Castings
    Garden compost or worm castings (vermicompost) are excellent additions to your soil. Organic matter can help dramatically improve the water retention capabilities of your soil. One study found that some types of organic matter can hold more than 20x their weight in water.

    Whether you add compost, worm castings, grass clippings, leaf litter, or any other organic matter, your soil’s water retention capabilities are sure to improve.


  1. Spread Organic Mulch Over Your Garden
    Mulch creates a protective “blanket” over your garden. In the summer, it helps retain water and keeps the soil moist and cool, and in the spring and fall, it helps insulate plants from frost and cool weather.


  1. Plant Densely To Shade The Soil
    Dense plantings help shade the soil naturally, improving its ability to hold onto moisture without drying out.

    You should plant your flowers, fruits, and vegetables as densely as you can. Different plants have different density requirements, so consult with seed packaging or do some Googling to see how closely you can plant your garden.


  1. Combine Ground Cover Plants With Climbing Plants
    One great way to maximize soil shade is to plant ground-spreading vegetables like squash, zucchini, and pumpkin, and pair them with climbing vegetables like cucumbers, pole beans, snap and snow peas, and other vegetables that grow vertically.

    This maximizes the shade on your soil, so your climbing vegetables can enjoy a cool, moist environment and thrive!


  1. Weed Regularly To Eliminate Unwanted Growth
    Weeds steal water that’s meant for your fruits and vegetables, which contributes to soil dryness. Regularly weeding to remove unwanted growth will help improve overall water retention in your garden.


Follow These Tips For Improved Moisture Content In Your Soil!

If you’re an organic grower, these simple tips are sure to help you improve your soil’s ability to retain water. So test these techniques for yourself – and shop online at The Soil King if you need any supplies or tools to give them a try!

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